7900% INCREASE in App installs

10K NEW FOLLOWERS on Twitter
46% INCREASE in Twitter engagement



Reach building
Micro content

Paid media
Facebook ads

The Challenge

  • Build the Psonar brand as the company expands into new territories, including Malaysia & Thailand
  • Promote the music app across different channels to drive installs in different markets
  • Use social media to interact with audiences and build engaged communities across different markets

The Solution

  • Extensively researched the Malaysian market to identify opportunities and create a full strategy
  • Set-up and managed a paid Facebook campaign to generate app installs in Malaysia
    • Created multiple ad sets to reach our target demographic
    • Regularly optimised campaign with A/B testing, new creatives and new ad formats to lower CPA and improve ROI
    • Identified new opportunities within Facebook's Ad Manager to promote Psonar and gain app installs
    • Regularly communicated with client to deliver insight and campaign strategy  
  • Managed social media channels to build brand awareness and interact with fans
    • Used Facebook and Twitter to build a community of fans in the UK, Malaysia and Thailand 
    • Grew an engaged Twitter following by posting regular, topical updates that fans engaged with and shared

Netleadz were instrumental in helping us reach new territories. Their paid media experience allowed us to market to new audiences across the world and they were integral in helping us develop a community of music lovers.

Martin Rigby, CEO & Co-Founder of Psonar

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