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22 February 2018
by Ashley

Your business model is make or break for your startup. Behind every great business is a meticulous plan which lays the foundations for success and growth. To put it simply, the better your business model, the better your chance of success. A strong model will detail exactly how revenue, profit, market trends and scalability will impact the future of your company.
But, where do you start? Here are some essential tips for how to define your business model.

23 January 2018
by Ashley

Okay, okay, okay! We get it… you want our click!
But, do you deserve it?
If we didn’t have to actually deliver on what our headline promises, content marketing would be a doddle. Though, finding something on Google would be a nightmare – the black hat SEO brigade would be out in full force.
In reality, if your page doesn’t deliver the promise made in the headline (or SERPs for that matter), you’re not doing it right! You’ll also find yourself in the company of irrelevant results on page 3.

04 January 2018
by Ashley

Look beyond the same old ‘new year, new me’ spiel haunting the news feeds of Twitter users around the world. It’s time to make some resolutions which actually matter. Let’s talk video! It’s 2018, video is pretty much imperative. Unfortunately, video can also be expensive. If you’re investing money, you need to ensure it delivers. That’s what we’re here for. Let’s crack on with our 10 video marketing resolutions for 2018 – you can thank us later.

04 October 2017
by Ashley

As a new business start-up, the only thing better than typical investments and loans is grant funding. The reason being that, depending on the type of grant offered, it isn’t always necessary to repay so much as a penny!

Too good to be true? Not necessarily, although grants can be uniquely tricky to obtain.

Right now, there are more than 200 different government grant schemes up and running for British businesses. No collateral required, no repayments necessary, and in many instances, no upper-limit to what’s on offer. It’s simply a case of knowing where to look, what to look for and how to ensure your start...

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28 September 2017
by Ashley

Make no mistake about it – the team you recruit to make your business work will make or break your start-up. You need the most outstanding contributors for the benefit of your business, but finding and hiring them can be time-consuming and costly. What’s more, all of this comes at a time when your business probably isn’t swimming in disposable income or manpower.

The importance of a proactive, strategic approach to recruitment, therefore, cannot be overstated. Whatever the needs of your business may be, following Innovate UK's tips and guidelines for start-up recruitment will definitely be beneficial!