SEO isn't dead: it's a Zombie!

SEO is dead, unnecessary, ill fated, doomed. Blah, blah, blah. Everytime Google lays out a new hurdle to jump the it's the same old story and an obituary style blog post is written. But this just isn't the case. SEO isn’t dead it’s a zombie, ever feasting on Google algorithms in order to gain strength. The SEO Zombie gains power with each new hurdle as tactics and strategies are always having to be adopted. There are a few key reasons why SEO will never die; many technical, many strategic, from 404 errors to social optimisation. As the internet welcomes new data every minute, 150,000 URLs indexed daily and only ten top spots on Google SEO experts attempt to find logic and reason and a journey for both users and websites. There are of course new issues as we enter into the age of the semantic web; pin point location, user history, language usage are all key factors in today's world of search. This does not mean the death of SEO it calls for a more precise SEO. One that pays attention to how users interact with the internet, the way they move around, the way they speak, their past online activities. All this can only mean one thing: SEO just got a whole lot broader. To me it is simple, the term 'SEO' is bothersome, its death perhaps should be more of a name change. Everything rests on the organic in this industry so perhaps we should gear towards organic optimisation or organic digital marketing. Regardless of semantic shifts, one thing is clear: we should all stay genuine and keep on being adaptable creatures with the potential of great strength. My Zombie buddy here is going to tell you the key reasons why SEO isn't dead and why it is more important than ever in the midst of semantic search.

Why SEO Just Won't Die


SEO isn't dead - it's a zombie!

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