Netleadz Startup Workshop With Pop My Mind

On Friday 20th we had a great time hosting our monthly Digital Marketing Startup Workshop. The chosen company accepted for our latest workshop was exciting new creative brand, Pop My Mind. The guys are in early stage, working on development but we can already see the potential. And as we know it’s never too early to start the Digital Marketing strategy. Most importantly though, we thought we could really offer something.

About the Netleadz Startup Workshop

All our workshops are tailored to the specific startup and it’s not just a generic presentation. We try to engage each startup and apply our experience and knowledge to whatever aspect of the strategy that we feel is needed for them at their stage. In the case of PMM we worked on developing their strategy and focused on search, social, content and reputation / outreach.

The aim of the workshop is to allocate one day per month to help, support, mentor and offer free Digital Marketing to a chosen startup that we believe has enormous potential. We apply our knowledge and skills as we would any business and our main objective is to offer value. We also leave them with something practical to take away and work with.

Xav our CEO had this to say

“We set up the workshop to give something back. It’s not easy for startups to develop and build their business and have sufficient resource to focus on marketing efforts as well. So many startups fail and it’s easy to see why. Often they are so focused on launch that they overlook what is going to happen next and where will the audience actually come from – not every business is going to go viral from day one!”

Oliver founder of Pop My Mind goes on to state:

"We highly recommend this workshop to other digital start-ups. The workshop's tailored approach, interactive exercises and takeaway resources added significant value to our digital marketing strategy. We now have fresh ideas and new organisational resources from which to move forward with confidence. The Netleadz team were very knowledgeable and took great care to focus efforts on our needs."

If you’re a startup and would like the chance to have real hands-on Digital Marketing from an established agency then you can apply on our website.

About Pop My Mind

Pop My Mind is a revolutionary online platform for the creative arts. It has been designed to feed curious minds with the most inspirational words, images, videos and sounds of the moment. At the heart of the platform is a simple dynamic that aims to inspire the creation of innovative new content. Creative minds will use Pop My Mind to find their next muse, collaborate with others and gain recognition in an original way. Launching Autumn 2015.

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