Netleadz first partnered event with Techpitch 4pt5 Wed 29th April

We recently brought you news of our partnership with the pitch event for tech startups and investors created by 2Pears - Techpitch 4pt5. This Wednesday 29th April sees our first event as official partners; taking place at Pinsent Mason’s offices, 30 Crown Place, EC2A at 6.30pm.

It looks like a good variety of start-ups at this event and we can’t wait to see each of their pitches.  Believe it or not each company gets just 3 mins to win over the judges and audience. That’s no easy feat and we wish them all the best of luck.

The pitching start-ups this time around are: - a document editor for contracts helping law firms increase efficiency and quality when drafting contracts
Dongu - a corporate wellness platform that helps employees commit to their health goal and empowers them to achieve it  
Gada - an online crowd-sourced think tank that stimulates and incubates policy ideas coming from the general public  
InPlayer - an ecosystem of software products and services that helps owners of video and other digital content monetise outside advertising  
MrZen - a platform where travel businesses and customers can connect, discuss in real time and transact online  
Social Belly - a community marketplace that allows people to list, book and discover dinner parties across their local neighbourhood
Trillion Platform - a crowdfunding platform that raises money for environmental and social projects from everyday investors
WiseCrowd - run, manage and analyse crowdfunding campaigns to help companies test demand for their consumer products and generate customer insights for product improvement.

Xaver Matt on judging panel of Techpitch 4pt5

For those who have attended in the past may have been lucky enough to catch Xav (our head honcho) on the judging panel; grilling start-ups and offering pearls of wisdom.

The judging panel for this Netleadz partenered Techpitch is chaired by Danvers Baillieu, COO, Privax

He is joined by the following :

Helene Alunni-Botteri, Senior Vice-President, Strategic Planning, Wells Fargo
William Chappel, Director, Barclays Venture Debt
Glenn Shoosmith, Founder, Bookingbug
Thilo Schneider, Partner, Pinsent Mason
Adizah Tejani, Head of Ecosystem Development, Level39

It’s always a wonderful evening, providing a fantastic platform, bringing together start-ups and investors.

It’s something, as a digital marketing agency we’re extremely passionate about as it compliments some of the work we do involving start-ups. Every month we hold a start-up workshop for an organisation we pick and offer them free mentoring and advice.

The Netleadz team will be at the event in force, so feel free to come and say hi… and if you have any questions digital marketing related we’d love to chat; after all, for us there’s no better topic.  

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