Netleadz Digital Marketing Workshop With InPlayer

Today we held our Digital Marketing workshop with InPlayer, the video monetization tech company. These guys were the worthy winners of the last Techpitch 4 pt 5 event and part of their prize included a Netleadz Digital marketing workshop.
Traditionally the workshop is geared towards start-ups; however, on this occasion, InPlayer being more advanced, we altered the workshop to meet their needs (all our workshops are individual and tailored towards the requirements of the company). We always aim to use our experience and above all offer value by not only advising, but giving them something tangible they can take away.

What did the Digital Marketing Workshop include?

Like any business InPlayer want more customers. With that in mind we focused on their audiences, discussing segmentation, targeting and building relevant reach with the correct communications and channels.

Our aim was to bring in some structure and help them prioritise, focusing on necessities. We agreed a set of deliverables and then continued the workshop geared towards how we would achieve those targets.

Netleadz Digital Marketing Funnel Concept

Next we walked them through the funnel model we use, communicating the differences between top, middle and bottom of the funnel and how they are interlinked. We then demonstrated the importance of working on their own, earned and paid media, whilst talking through some of the content ideas they could implement. Finally, we offered some specific, and most importantly, relevant ideas to help meet the deliverables.
Jean Charles Lacoste, CEO of InPlayer, had this to say:

“The workshop was extremely relevant and gave us some truly actionable concepts and work streams. We covered off so many important issues and the guys were clear and concise when explaining and answering all my questions. I left with tonnes of new insights and some amazing ideas to discuss with the whole team.”


Who are InPlayer?

InPlayer offers monetisation tools for any publisher of premium videos, VOD, live streams, news and music. They offer several different products allowing businesses to add paywalls, receive Donations, capture data and/or earn money through e-Commerce. Users don’t have to leave the video they are watching when using the InPlayer software, which differentiates themselves from the competition.  This not only improves the user experience, but aims to minimise churn caused by users leaving the video interface.

What is the start-up event techpitch?

As mentioned InPlayer won the last Techpitch event, voted for by the judges and audience. The event gives tech start-ups the opportunity to pitch to investors and entrepreneurs; also receiving valuable feedback from experts. It’s a fantastic evening created by the guys at 2Pears (who also run Sports and Music versions of the event) and provides a platform for tech start-ups from UK and Europe to raise awareness, showcase their business and importantly network with potential investors and partners. 

If you’re a start-up and would like the chance to have real hands-on Digital Marketing from an established agency then you can apply on our website here. 

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