Infographic review: What are the 21 rules of content marketing?

In our first blog post of 2015 we talked about what not to do with your digital marketing strategy for the forthcoming year. If you read that you would have noticed quite a high focus on content marketing. The reason being is that content marketing is such an integral element of digital marketing nowadays.

We like to look at it like this - If ‘content is king’ then your ‘digital marketing channels’ are the king’s army and ‘online’ is the battlefield where it will all play out.

So when we stumbled upon this interesting infographic we thought we’d share it. It makes some good points on the over-arching ‘rules’ to maximising the efficiency of your content. Fundamentally though, it simplifies it into a nice easy set of 21 rules that all content creators should bear in mind.

Here are a few of our favourite rules:

Rule 1 – “Use keywords like hotsauce” – Our take on this is that you shouldn’t stuff your content with keywords, use sparingly and focus on producing great content.

Rule 11 – “Build your content from an ongoing plan” – This makes us think of the old Winston Churchill quote “he who fails to plan is planning to fail”. We never work without a roadmap and we always try where possible to use frameworks to maximise our results.

Rule 19 – “Recycle your greatest hits” – We always stress to clients the important of producing ‘Evergreen’ content. It can greatly reduce the workload when busy times arise and resource is spread thin. Also, it increases the ROI spent on producing that piece of content (don’t forget everything has a cost somewhere along the line).

This infographic seems to cover most of the basics without touching on some of the slightly more advanced subject matter or rules. We would have liked a bit more of a mention of SEO in there. For example what about your meta data and getting your titles correct? You don’t want to lose out on traffic or not fully gain the SEO benefits you’re seeking if you haven’t optimised the page correctly. We’d also stress the importance of images and skimmable articles – you don’t want a boring, word heavy piece of content users won’t bother with.

Netleadz review of the 21 new rules of content marketing infographic

At the end of the day, we probably all know the importance of great content and the inclusion of content marketing in our strategies; however, it must be good content that overtime produces the desired results.

If you feel you need help or simply do not have the resource to carry it out to the desired level, then feel free to check out our content marketing services.

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