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Here at Netleadz we do a fair amount of work with startups; both as clients and pro bono work (Netleadz startup workshop). For us there’s nothing more rewarding than working with a brand at inception and taking it all the way through to becoming a big player in their chosen space.

We love showcasing our favourite startups in our monthly ‘startup of the month' feature.

This month we're choosing an exciting brand that anyone who loves fast exotic supercars can get behind. The brand is isuperedrive, the European luxury and supercar rental service, operating in London, UK and Europe. As far as we can see, these guys are the first portal allowing you to compare and book a number of trusted suppliers and quality assured vehicles throughout Europe.

We had the opportunity to speak with them and ask them a few questions. This allowed us to peak through the looking glass and see what it takes to start a business of this magnitude and find out what their rather aggressive future plans entail.

Who are isuperdrive and what do they do?
As we mentioned, these guys rent luxury and supercars throughout Europe. But more specifically they actually connect b2b & b2c luxury vehicle hire seekers with a network of approved fleet operators. You might think of them as the luxury car Air BnB; and what’s more they are the first to market.

What product and services does isuperdrive offer?
isuperdrive has built the only marketplace for the hire of supercars, luxury cars, 4X4’s, limousines and people carriers. What makes them stand out is the sheer choice and great prices the customer has.
Currently there are 350 prestige vehicles, 200 supercars and 200 SUV’s and 4x4’s available across 43 locations.  All the suppliers and vehicles have been strictly vetted to ensure reliability at every turn.
Then there’s the seamless process. Users can compare by make, model and location, then read up on the car (here’s an example of the Aston Martin DB9 supercar rental page  ); then once the user has made their choice, they can book their vehicle fast and securely on the intuitive booking system.

isuperdrive Ferrari rental collection

Is it Disruptive?
Yes, most definitely. This game changing web application disrupts the current unsatisfactory method of manual reservation.

What problems are solved?

  • Currently, there is no easy way to locate the supplier, access the availability of the car you desire and book; especially if you require luxury vehicles in multiple locations.
  • The current market is fragmented and comprised of 500+ small fleet operators across Europe.
  • Choice, price and credibility are important concerns for customers booking luxury car hire online. isuperdrive provides all the info customers need and has done the quality assurance, ensuring a great service and satisfaction.
  • Highly Personal Data is often a stumbling block when renting a luxury or supercar – Passport / Driving Licence / Credit Card
  • Customers are vulnerable to unscrupulous brokers - Small online brokers offer European car hire using lead generating sites pretending they have vehicles and offices across Europe.
  • Each sale is administered manually, has no economies of scale, is not transparent to all parties and is most unsatisfactory for the customer and fleet operator.
  • High broker commission
  • Customers are overcharged,  misled or delivered the wrong vehicle
  • Fleet Operators are persistently emailed and telephoned for availability and price by brokers; this one stop shop solves this.

isuperdrive's website process

How is isuperdrive progressing?
To date, isuperdrive is progressing well. Since deploying the only marketplace for the hire of supercars, luxury cars, 4X4’s, limousines and people carriers; they have built a number of fleet operators and now offer over 750 vehicles across a number of cities in nine European countries.

The team
David Robertson is the CEO and Co-Founder. He has been in the industry for many years and even started off as a race car driver, contending the British Formula Renault Sport Championship in the mid 90’s.
Plans for the Future
The guys at isuperdrive have some agressive plans to expand into USA and Dubai. This will be no easy feet, but with their passion and expertise you'd be hard pushed not to back them. 

Our Verdict
This is an exciting proposition. We always love something that is ‘disruptive’, different and if it’s a business that’s exciting like supercars then it ticks all the boxes for us.

If you’d like to hire a luxury or supercar in London, UK and Europe, be sure to check them out and head over to www.isuperdrive.com .
 isuperdrive mclaren P1

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