A Day In the Life Of A SEO Company

Ever wondered what SEO companies do all day long? Here's a brief insight into a typical day working on search engine optimisation.


Check SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position) for a number of client URLs. Look through rankings across all major search engines for all target keyword across all major search engines. Review results and check for any major ranking variations and any noticeable trends. Are there any major gains or drops? Are there any changes to URLs shown in search engine results? Any variations compared to some of the major competitors? Look for variations in any specific search engines or any specific countries.


Log in to client’s analytics accounts. Check for traffic performance issues, any exceptional gains or losses and keyword performance just to make sure that there are no site issues. Also checking Google webmaster for any issues with sitemap, crawl errors, site access and site load performance. Compile a range of reports, reviews and action points, where required.


Meet the link development team to discuss current status and progress with inbound link building and link baiting. Work through link development plan for existing and new clients. Cover any issues and any changes required to link building strategy and tactics.


Review content on existing projects. Plan content development and strategy for new clients. Brief the copywriting team on topics, content required, time-table and deadlines. Review copy written and making adjustments where required. Upload content via client’s CMS, blogs, forums and new sections.


Review Meta tags and internal links. Improve tags where required, define new tags for underperforming pages. Crosslink new blog posts and web pages to existing target pages to help improve performance. Draw up on-page optimisation spreadsheets for new websites and enhancements for existing websites.


Meet social media teams to discuss existing plans and strategy. Update news feeds and tweets with latest client news, offers, new blog posts and new web pages available. Interlink social media feeds. Advise new clients on recommended social media activities, daily tasks and strategy.


Review client’s press releases and get them ready for web PR. Submit optimised press releases to online PR sites. Write micro press releases on behalf of clients. Work on new press release ideas, subjects and topics.


Brief clients on website and keyword performances. Prepare SEO reports with analytics and key SEO metrics. Draw up a list of actions required and recommendations. Discuss corrective actions with internal teams and clients. Reviewing achievements compared to objectives.


Prepare proposals and pitches for prospect meetings. Capture major target keyword metrics, site performance, on-page and off-page metrics and key competitor stats. Assess search opportunity, competition and likely project issues.


Review performance of internal test sites. Implement test new search optimisation strategies on our test sites. Study latest industry publications for any pending changes in algorithms and search engine processes. Interact with industry peers on social media and forums to pick-up latest inside views. Read industry press, white papers and case studies. Update clients on any major developments.

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Ever wondered what SEO companies do all day long? Here's a brief insight into a...

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