5 essential Innovate UK videos for every startup & SME looking for funding & investment‬

Innovate UK invests millions each year in supporting startups and SME businesses to develop new innovative products and services. They’re responsible for discovering and driving the science and technology innovations that will help grow the UK economy and even assist in shaping society. You may not realise just how important Innovation actually is. It’s not only fun, covering some really cool areas such as space or lasers, but it also can help save lives, coming up with new and amazing science and technology in the medical field. 
Innovate UK essential YouTube videos for SMEs and startups
So, Innovate UK rocks and here’s some hard facts:
• Over 250 staff dedicated to help business innovation
• Made over £1.5 billion investments in innovation since 2007
• Supported over 5,000 innovative startups & SME companies to date
• Funded companies that contributed over £7.5 billion to UK economy
• Helped create over 35,000 additional UK jobs 

Here is our pick of the 5 essential Innovate UK videos for you to watch before you seek any growth funding for your startup or SME. 

Typical innovation problems and how Innovate UK can help

To kick things off we’ve chosen this cool animated video explaining the typical problems you may encounter during your company startup or business growth. It’s a simple explainer pinpointing just how Innovate UK can help accelerate the journey of new products and services to market in any sector. Furthermore, it will help you navigate specific challenges, exploit digital technologies and of course Innovate.

Click play and let Innovate UK help your startup / SME


Insights: The digital economy strategy 2015-2018

Innovate UK will spend £30 million a year over the next 4 years to support innovative business projects in the digital economy. This video is a nice little animation explaining the Innovate UK digital economy strategy 2015 to 2018 and how the money will be spent. It’s a great watch to trigger some ideas. Who knows, it may even help you find a new source of funding.

Watch this Innovate video on UK digital economic economy here

Did you know that by 2020:
• 30 billion devices will be wirelessly connected, supporting a global digital services market worth as much as the entire UK economy
• The global digital services market will be worth as much as the entire UK economy by 2020.

Click here for more details on Innovate UK’s digital strategy


£5 million investment in project to re-invigorate the UK high street

Staying with the digital economy theme, this interesting video highlights the declining impact it has on the UK’s high streets. Customers are now choosing online shopping and the deterioration in footfall has led to high street shops closing in their thousands. 
That’s why Innovate UK invests £5 million in projects to re-invigorate the high street and launched its ‘Re-imagining the High Street’ campaign. It's pretty cool to see how the amalgamation of real and virual shopping experiences could revitalise the industry. 

Watch Innovate UK's campaign video for 'Re-imagining the high street' SBRI competition


The innovation funding application process explained

If you are looking for innovation or startup funding, this introduction video explains how the Innovate UK application process works. To apply for funding you will have to be a UK based business; pre-startup, new company, SME or large multi-national are all eligible.

Innovate UK - innovation funding application process video

The Innovate UK Funding Rules Explained‬‬

Ok, compared to some of the other exciting videos Innovate has on its roster, this may seem a little less enthralling; but it is necessary and extremely important -  This introduction explains Innovate UK's funding rules, an essential watch if you are going to apply.

Get your startup or SME flying with funding. Click here to learn more about Innovate UK's funding.

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