Marketing Stocking Fillers: Essential Tools for 2014

Tis the season of goodwill, cheer and presents! We all know everything is changing in the world of digital marketing but that isn’t necessarily bad news, because with change comes innovation. New ways to approach tasks, if not made easier then at least more interesting. As our strategies have been evolving we have also have to adopt new tools to accompany the achievement of our goals. Something I’ve found great this year is the amount of new tools being provided to help collate and create relevant and interesting content.

Social Revolution or Social Devolution?

The introduction of Social Media has changed the way we behave both as marketers and individuals; its advent has seen many brands and companies adapt personality and thus activities as a necessity to maintain relevance and humanity. The world has indeed shrunk making almost anyone contactable to almost everyone; the six degrees of separation rule is now clearly apparent. This rule was illustrated beautifully in the six degrees of Kevin Bacon meme that rose to popularity a couple of years ago.

Your Twitter Account Suspended – What Next?

Have you just logged into your Twitter account to find it has been suspended? Don’t panic: your account has been suspended not banned. You just have to contact Twitter support, explain your problem clearly, provide a short explanation of your problem and have patience. It normally takes seven days to get your account unsuspended. You have to assume that it will take longer in the future with more and more people using and abusing Twitter and social media.